A Critical Step

Thoughts from my Pastor … I believe it’s where we are in this world. Use this precious time to grow closer to God…


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Last time I sat down to write, I told you that we would take some time to talk about possessing your destiny. I know – it may seem like a weird time to be talking about destiny since we are in the midst of slowdowns and shelter in place orders. But, God’s purpose does not stop – everything that happens is factored in to His master plan for your life! Last blog, I wrote about overcoming obstacles as a critical part of possessing your destiny. Today, we will look at another critical step.

Once the children of Israel crossed the Jordan River, they went to a place called Gilgal. Here’s a couple of interesting things about Gilgal:

Image result for images of biblical gilgal

The name Gilgal means “rolled” or “removed”. Gilgal was located east of Jericho in a wilderness area. It was at Gilgal that Joshua commanded the men who had not been circumcised to go…

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