Your Place of Peace

From my Pastor …


How are you doing?

Coronavirus social distancing, self-isolation, quarantine: What ...

I’m having a few struggles. I’m tired of not being able to sit and talk to people. I’m tired of not being able to go to a restaurant. I’m tired of every chair in my house. I’m tired of the TV. I’m tired of Walmart – although its one of the few place I actually get to go! At least, they could move things around a little – to make things more interesting like hide and seek. Find the toilet paper!!!!

Its important right now that you find your place of peace.

I’m not really speaking of an actual physical place – although it may include that but I’m speaking of your place of internal peace.

Remember, biblical peace is more than a sense of undisturbed emotions – it includes well being. In other words, it means being undisturbed because you are centered or anchored on…

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