“Alarm Bell Has Been Rung” – The Lord

April 14th  I had what I call a dozing dream.. I heard “The alarm Bell has been rung”.   I had a vision of a huge brass looking bell very old looking. There was a crack in it.  I heard “liberty”! I’m sensing Liberty Bell. I looked it up and it was exactly what I saw…

Lady Liberty…Dream

The Following is my FB post from June 30th 2020…Things have shifted! The Lord has given me a new perspective of the dream. Woke up this morning w a vision from The Lord…While waking …. Lord showed me a woman w short reddish blonde hair. An older woman. She was on a platform. She was…

Goodbye 2018

keep the good but take that stinky trash from 2018 to the curb!
Make room for the new