"Where is Your Faith?"

Its time to do a faith check! Apparently we all need one every once and awhile–even the disciples.

  Jesus told his disciples  “Let’s go over to the other side of the lake.”  OK, so they sailed on. Jesus fell asleep. A storm came!-Surprise to them NOT to Jesus he’s still sleeping. They are concerned and believe they are going to die!! So they woke Him up… Jesus rebuked the wind and water–the storm calmed….. Then He asked a very powerful question…”where is you faith?’    Ya see Jesus already told them what they were going to do—Go to the other side of the lake. They knew their direction and destination yet they became so unnerved about their situation they lost focus on His word to them. Easy to do but one must remember the direction He has put you on.

  What did He last speak to you?  Don’t get so caught up in your situation when He has told you what to do. Receive His words–His direction from the bible and prayer. The disciples somewhere along the way lost faith because of their situation. Don’t lose your faith!
                                                                                                                             ( Ref Luke 8:22-25)

 I asked the Lord to give me a quick word for the beginning of the new year—this is what He said ‘if they seek me they will find me!”    How awesome is that? God is so ready for you to call on him!!!

    So my question to you is Where is your faith?  
                                                               Much love RR

PS..  next week I will be writing what the Lord has put on my heart for the year.

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