The Spider and its Web

The Spider and its Web

My QT.. at the fire pit.

A page from my journal July 10th, 2017

Much to think about..contemplate..pray about…but mostly just to be…and praise God with thankfulness. So, it’s early morning and I’m having my QT outside by the fire pit. I love being outside. I feel closer to God. Being outside helps meet focus on him and it seem easier to hear and feel Him. I turn on my phone to listen to some worship music. I’m just hanging out worshipping and praying in the Spirit. I feel a gentle breeze and I look up- way up in the trees which are growing as a natural covering. I feel PaPa God saying “I’m your covering. You are under my wings”. Wow!! I’m so very touched. Oh my heart. I needed to hear from Him.

I look off in the short distance because something catches my eye… a spider web off in the distance.. a large string of the web has come loose and is flying around.  The sun is glistening off of it.. I hear in my spirit the Lord say “Preparation…”, OK, what Lord?… “Preparation. He says.. That spider builds her web every night. She works diligently. She prepares for what is coming. She doesn’t KNOW she’s going to catch anything but she prepares for it anyway. She doesn’t know but she KNOWS with preparation comes provision ..”  WOW  that’s amazing!! I so badly needed to hear this I can’t even explain… my heart was full so that I just needed to share with you. I hope you are encouraged and blessed and it helps you even if in some small way.

Thank you Spider for doing what you do and thank you God for revelation which is all around me.

Living My Beautifully Messy Life


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