The Dam is About to Burst

The Lord spoke these words to me… on 3-21-21… Sunday at church during worship

Word of The Lord….

“The dam is about to burst” I saw a huge, massive dam burst wide open… It burst with such force that I knew something incredible was happening. This was serious and I could not wait to see what it was.. It felt alive, powerful and was coming with purpose.

John 7:38 Whoever believes in me, as[a] the Scripture has said, ‘Out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.’”

I saw all types of ministry plans that people were holding close to their heart. Lord is saying “It’s time to step out in faith and do what I put on your heart. I will lead, guide and provide what you need. Get out of your head and get in faith.” Dreams do come true people of God.

I heard “Silent prophets” and The Lord said…”That’s an oxymoron huh?” there are many prophets that aren’t speaking what The Lord gives them. The Lord is saying “It’s time to open your mouths. This is not a time to be fearful. Find your new sound and Roar what I say!! Be silent no longer prophets!!” WHEW!!! Glory to God!!

He’s been speaking about this for awhile…

I saw so many impressions of business plans and opportunities…Go for it! (make sure you are hearing from The Lord) 🙂

There was so many different impressions that was rapidly coming to me that I couldn’t keep up. But… YOU know what The Lord is telling YOU!! Find your trust, faith and purpose in God. He knows his plans for you.

This vision took me back to a vision several years ago I shared at a ladies retreat…

An incredible fast flowing body of water… white capped waves… all I could think was…wow this is powerful and I want to be in that water.. impression…get on your surf board , boogie board, raft or whatever you want and jump in the water and go for the ride of your life. That vision spoke to many ladies and I believe this vision is another invitation from The Lord. Will you accept?

Then Lord said once again …”The dam is about to burst and the water runs red”.

This gave me chills people! wow wow wow!

Almighty God, Thank you for this invitation. I ask that all who read are ready and prepared to receive from you. I pray they step out and step up in faith and trust in you. It may be scary for them but I ask you to show yourself faithful as you always do. May your manifested glory shine in their lives so they may glorify you. Prepared hands and open hearts to move forward in you Father above all else in Jesus holy name I ask all this and so much more these ones and for me PaPa God Thank you. 🙂

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

Get ya worship on!! its time to jump in that big beautiful body of water… because it is coming!

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