The Woke Mountain is Destroyed

Dream May 25/26th 2022

Released June 29th 2022

May 25/26th 2022 I had a dream..My husband and I were standing on the bank of a swamp…dirty murky water, yellowish, greenish tint to it. Suddenly 3-4 men came out of the water wearing all black scuba gear. Could not tell who they were. My impression was “navy seal like” military operation. Covert. Immediately behind them came up several alligators/crocodiles. They were massive. The “military guys” seemed very pleased with themselves. The alligators realized they were being “found out”, “uncovered” and they tried to burrow back the mud.

My husband I knew something big was about to happen so we went back inside to our”white house” we went upstairsto a a back door. We felt the intensity and urgancy to leave. We opened the back door and it opened to a very high up mountain. There was a huge very wide river flowing from the top of the mountain to the bottom. In the river were chunks, boulders.. the mountain was crumbling… and I heard in my spirit “The Woke Mountain”.

The Lord was showing us The Woke mountain of Goverment was being destroyed.. Prasie God!!!

RESEARCH – alligator / crocodile have large powerful mouths. Think of a person in authority their mouths… moving behind the scene to ruin or drag the victim down by slander, gossip, verbal abuse, it is a demon, an evil spirit influencing to speak accusations. Think of leviathan in the Bible. Job 41:10. Psalm 74:12 -14. Psalm 104.

Only the Lord deals with the leviathan spirit he is the only one that has power over it.

My impression… This is what is happening in America those in the fraudulent government and the intruder in the White House… this is exactly what they are doing lying(Russian collusion), stealing(2020 election), slander(everything they ever said about President 45), gossip(everyone who worked around or with President 45) and verbal abuse (American people-they hate America) this is an evil spirit that is working behind them. Leviathan is being dealt with. Only GOD can deal with something like this. It has been in operation for hundreds of years. This is why it’s taking longer than expected.. No one will get God’s glory because no man/woman can clean this up…only God. There are people appointed for such a time as this. They are anointed and called to walk along side GOD(as we all are) for this appointed time. There is so much to clean up. The swamp is dirtier and deeper than anyone could have imagined… But Praise God He is uncovering and cleaning it ALL up and it is being delt with!!!

Our joy, hope and trust is in God alone!

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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  1. Pam Terrell says:

    Excellent!! This so encourages me! Thank you for sharing, sister.


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