I’m sure we’ve all read or even own something that has the “footprints” poem on it. The one about walkin on a beach and seeing only one set of prints and they end up being God’s when He was carrying the one in trouble.  Ya know the one? Anyway. After my last blog “Exit Light” I was reading the bible like I always do and was asking the Lord to “teach me, talk to me, show me something” in his word. I was thinking back over the past many months and wondered how I really “got through” them and how can I help others who might be going through a difficult situation too.
There were times when I felt alone but trusted His word that I wasn’t. There were times when I needed to “hear” God but didn’t. There were times I begged for a sign and didn’t get one. There were times when I cried til I had no tears left believing the Lord Himself wiped every tear away. During all of this time I trusted God when I couldn’t see Him at work or hear His voice. I couldn’t rely on my feelings because feelings can deceive. I had to trust in God and His word alone.
Just because we can’t or don’t see him or can’t or don’t hear him does not mean he is not here with us or He’s not talkin!!! Sometimes all we have is the word of God—and that is enough! I believe God used this time with me to work out a lot of junk in my life that I didn’t know I had.. in allowing Him to do this makes for a more perfect vessel(me). NO I’m not saying I’m perfect but I am a more formed vessel which the potter has formed to his likeness. I had to let God have my junk so I could have more of him! I asked God to change what needed to be changed and to help me love like he does. I want my heart to break for what breaks His.
We go through many, many situations in our life that we just don’t understand and we look around for God but we don’t see His “footprints” and assume He’s not there with us. BUT, He is with us. ALWAYS!! Just because we are caught up in our situation and it may have come as a surprise to us doesn’t mean it is for God . Like I heard a pastor say ” God doesn’t look at our life and say “Oh..My…. Me!!!” lol..-He’s not surprised. He has every thing under control and we are in his very capable hands!!
I would not trade my time even though I felt alone and thought him to be not listening and silent because I know I wasn’t and I trusted His word–but I had to, needed to stay connected to him even though I didn’t feel him. His word is a life line grab ahold and don’t let go no matter what!!

 Psalm 77:19 Your path led through the sea. your way through the mighty waters; though your footprints were not seen.
   My prayer for you…. Lord may they trust in your word and your promises!! In the name of the most precious name of all.. Jesus Christ.
Much love to ya RR.

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