Are You A Useless Christian?

What good is a Christian? Are you faith filled? What good is that? One can be filled to the brink with faith and be absolutely useless as a christian!—–OUCH!

Do others know you are a christian–A Christ follower? One who believes that Jesus is the only Son of God and belief in Him is the only way to eternal life with Him, and without Him eternal life burning in hell??  Do those around you know your beliefs?  Or do you have to tell them? OK, so maybe they do know.  But do your actions show this?

If we are truly faith filled we should be faith talking! If we are faith talking we should be faith walking!!  Faith without works is USELESS and DEAD!

Are we known by our actions? Do we hear the word and act upon it or do we go to church and occupy space and think we “did our part” “our good deed” for the week?  If we are not living the word of God by our actions —We are USELESS and DEAD!  If we as Christians are not changing the lives of those around us – our sphere of influence  we have dead faith! We are not walking according to the truth-the Word of God!

We must act on our faith–pray–encourage–give–forgive–be merciful–control our tongue. We must walk in our giftings! Our gifts come from the very hand of God–Therefore we are equipped to do works!!

If we are doers of the word we have actions to “back up our beliefs”  We are Blessed–WE are blessed!!  Don’t know about you but I want all the blessings of God I can get!

How many times have we been prompted by the Holy Spirit to move and we decided to stay put? Why? Because we are uncomfortable, we might get embarrassed if we actually have to “do something” in public.  Dear friend you lost a blessing! God’s WILL will be done. If He wants to use you then be used!  If you decided not to move when He says so then someone else will get YOUR blessing because you decided not to move to action when called!—Painful huh? Believe me I am speaking to myself just as much as I’m speaking to you!

What if we actually prayed for someone right then and there–yes in Walmart-at the grocery store–at work. What would our world look like?  I can promise you this it would look a lot different. OK, can’t think globally right now. How about the person you are praying for- you think their tiny little world became a better place because someone–A Christian took some time and helped them?  Faith without works is DEAD!  I know it’s a strong statement its meant to be –it’s the TRUTH!

Here’s another truth – Faith as small as a mustard seed(that’s not a lot of faith) can move mountains. How many mountains have you moved lately?

Believe it or not your actions will reflect what you believe… Some times inaction speaks louder than words!!

Jesus changed the world! He taught his disciples how to do the same.. We are His disciples!

Father God we all need you! I ask boldly for you to direct each one of us to be world changers  This world needs you more than ever. I know you are the answer to all the questions we could ever ask! You are all we could ever hope for! You are needed in a mighty way–Come Lord Jesus and help us be the people you created and do the works you have planned for us!  Help us KNOW the truth and LIVE the truth!!  You are the same yesterday today and forever! In the name of Jesus I ask! Amen!!

Because of Him

R. Reed

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