The Locust Shell

Ok so I’m running on the treadmill because I live in Texas. If I don’t get my run in by 10am, at the latestest, then it’s way too hot to hit the pavement and besides my knees really appreciate the treadmill!
So I’m running in our ity bity home gym which is all windows and I notice a locust shell, long been deserted. I believe the good Lord said to me, in my spirit, people are a lot like locust shells! Ummm… Ok… God what does that mean? He preceeds to tell me that we, people, out grow our life. We have trials and tribulations, difficult times of all varieties and when we “go through” these times we “grow” and therefore we out grow the life that we are living in that particular season. Tough times come and go but it is our responsibility to learn what we can. We should ask God to show us what we need to do or change in these times and keep moving forward. We can not get stuck in our shell and never grow into the person we are meant to be, that we are created to be by God!! Only He truly knows and sees the whole picture. We get a little part of it and usually we see through the dark colored lense of adversity! Its ok, better than ok, to be out growing your shell it means you are growing into the next stage of your life! You will be better equipped to handle not only this season but the next.  God is good, trust in him He knows what our next step is. Let him grow you so you can be free from this shell, season, of life and be free to live the next stage of life He has planned for you!  Be Blessed ! RR

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