Blessed or Stressed??

Happy New Year!  When do we stop saying that by the way?  Should we even stop wishing others well wishes? No, of course not, but that’s another blog.
As I was reading my daily Psalm, Psalm 128:1-2 spoke to me. No it wasn’t audible, I’m still waiting for that day when The Lord speaks to me in that way but for now a quickening in my spirit will suffice.

Blessed (all the good stuff)

is everyone  (you are part of everyone)  who fears The Lord,  (the fear of The Lord is hatred of evil Pr.8:13), (no this is not a license to hate people, we love people but we don’t need to accept their sin)  who walks in his ways!  (Jesus’ walked in love and his ways were the fruit of the Spirit -Galatians 5:22 love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control.).  You shall eat the fruit of the labor of your hands;  (Pr. 14:23 All hard work brings a profit,  (so work hard),  but mere talk leads only to poverty  (action speaks louder than words! And it’s profitable).  You shall be blessed  (all the good stuff),  and it shall be well with you.
This a beautiful passage of Truth. Sometimes we often try to complicate the Word of God and yes it’s complicated but only because of our lack of understanding.  It’s multi leveled per our understanding. Each time we read the word we gain a new understanding or insight. It’s always been there but our spiritual eyes were open so we gain wisdom. Wisdom leads to real true life. The life God wants us to have. Life abundance. A life filled with laughter and joy. A life spent with family and friends. A life spent LIVING!!

If you are stressing –  I ask you – Are you trying to live a life of your own accord,  your own understanding, your own wisdom?   Stop complicating things and do what God says to do so you can have what God says you can have and do what He says you can do. It’s a much better life.
It’s a blessed life!

Lord I lift up my friends, I pray they seek you with their whole heart. I ask for their spiritual eyes to be opened so they will gain wisdom and insight for their life. I ask for understanding of your word when they open the bible and read it. I pray truth leaps out for them and they gain all you have for them. I hope minds, spirits, and hands are open to receive your blessings!  Thank you Lord for blessings my friends.                                                  Blessings RR

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