Cross Roads – Do I or Don’t I?

                                                                   Cross Roads

My page in my daily journal.  – Tweeked for you   I’m sure I’m not the only one so I thought I would share.  
Have you found yourself at a cross road?  Yes, of course you have.  It may look like a decision that needs to be made. Plans to make. So much to do. Do I or don’t I?  
So many questions that we ask ourself.

I am at such a cross road and I am constantly thinking do I or don’t I. To move forward or stay where I am.  Will it be profitable. I just don’t know what to do. It will take time and a little of money. But it’s definitely me. I see my self  being this person  it fits. It fits unlike anything I’ve ever done before. It’s relaxing to me. Peaceful. It brings me joy. 

In saying all that I still ask.  Do I or don’t I?
 I can’t sleep at night cause I am so excited that I make plans and designs in my head. It’s nothing too big or fancy. It’s just a change. A change that I don’t know if I have time for but how can God give me all these desires, plans in my head  and this whole creative process and not give me my dream or at least a step in that direction. 
Then and still I seek God in all that I do and in my heart I believe it’s time for me. Me to move forward in my dream,  living, working in how God created me.  I am a creative person and I need to have a project to work on. It’s who I’m. I have accepted it. My husband supports me as do my kids. They are excited for me but not for the work as they will have to help me some. 
I pray often.  I seek God in his word. And I listen. What’s the use in talking to God if I don’t take the time to listen to what He as to say?  
I truly believe he told me and showed me He’s doin a new thing this year.  Things are just fallin  into place. My husband has stared a Real Estate Club which is already thriving. My kids are experiencing newness in there lives. It’s so exciting to see how God has lead them. One proud Momma here :). 
It’s funny, it all started with a marriage retreat last year. My husband and I believed The Lord told us to declutter.    Totally makes since now. We must get rid of the old if we want the new!!   Woohoo.  I love how The Lord works!   Well to be honest- most of the time any way. 
Any way, I’m still listening but as I do I’m moving forward in plans to make my own business- 
Business name chosen but not purchased.  Junksterdiver Design 
Business cards are created but not purchased.  
Instagram  page  – created 
Facebook page  – working on it 
Pinterest page. – working on it. 
Working on projects – almost every weekend!! 
Cleaning out and organizing 2 barns. – well that’s  where I need help. My kiddos have been sick. 
Lots to do but so excited. I will keep moving forward after all The Lord said new things are coming  this year. I’m preparing for the new, cleaning out the old. 
I ask him to close any doors that I’m trying to open by my own hand and continued direction, wisdom and provision for the doors that remain open for me to walk through.   
CROSS ROADS-  always go to the cross for direction and wisdom.  Seek God always in all plans. Decisions. When paths are presented choose wisely. He will always lead you down the right road.  He had the perfect plane to save the world all we have to do is choose. He knows the plans for each one of us after all he created us. He knows what fits and who we are better than we do ourself.   Ask. Seek.  And listen!  
Junksterdiver Design. Ooh the possibilities.          Blessings. RR. 

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