2019 Year of Preparation

So, it’s a new year..already. The beginning..the first.. I always feel so hopeful at the start of a new year. Don’t you?

I’ve said goodbye to 2018 and all the stink it contained. We’ve got to do that sometimes, don’t you think? Say goodbye to all that junk we carried last year and sure don’t want to carry it into new beginnings. The freshness of the new year, ahh I can hear it calling…

Do you ever sit and ponder what lies ahead? All the possibilities that are waiting for you to seize? Are you still dreaming about some things that didn’t come to pass last year?

Well I sure am! How does one prepare for the new year, new season of life?

For me, I read the bible. I pray. I talk to Big Daddy Reed and others but mostly I listen and linger in The Lord’s presence. I try not to rush my QT (quiet time) with Him because He actually knows what this new year is bringing, He’s holding it. So what better way to start the new year than asking Him and then listening to what He has to say.

If we just ask Him, He usually tells us. So, that’s what I did and these are my thoughts and insights that He has given me. I’m sharing because I know this word is not just for me but for so many others also.

I’ve spent many late nights and early morning and a lot of that is blurred lines. I’m not sure where one ended and one began..uug! I also journal ..alot.

It was early one morning/night that God woke me up. I don’t know why He does that. Maybe because it’s the time I’m at my most still. Maybe I can just hear Him better when everyone else is sound asleep and the house is quiet. Good times!

Anyway, I get up to read , journal or whatever. This time I was gonna journal. It opened up to a page from July 2017. It was about a Spider and its web..(I blogged it). You should go read it.

So I reread the journal page. It was all about preparation, and it once again quickened my spirit. It rang my bell true!

So for me and my family , I believe wholeheartedly that the Lord is telling us to prepare. Be obedient to what He is saying. Do what He says to do!

His words to me…”Be obedient …I’m escalating.. (increase rapidly, soar) things. Everything is moving faster so prepare. Be obedient.. Do what I tell you to Do”! He has been confirming this word to me for over 1 1/2 years. Not only to me but also to Big Daddy Reed(husband)

When I say prepare..I’m not exactly sure for what…( this is where you can laugh). I know it sounds strange to prepare for something when you don’t know what the heck it is…geez…I sound crazy..that’s ok I don’t mind:)

So I prepare the only way I know how…Read His Word, study, pray and LISTEN!! and, when I get a specific …I DO!!!(obedience). It really is that simple.

I also dream my day dreams, the desires of my heart..and I prepare for the big things…I design I choose paint colors..white..it’s always white:). I check out locations and I have massive pin boards on Pinterest and my walls..:), I dream about my dreams. I Instagram and play on social media and check out others who look like they are living out their dreams. Anyway, that’s enough of that..that’s a God size dream so I’ll leave it with Him for now.

Is there a dream left in 2018? Maybe you can bring that with you to 2019. Always carry your dreams with you. Ya just never know when God is gonna have a suddenly.

Living My Beautifully Messy Life


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