New Direction for 2020

Hey y’all, yes it’s been awhile… a long while. But I am back! I’ve decided to take my blog in a different direction for now. I’m hoping you will stay and even invite others along.

The Lord is really amped up and showing me so many awesome, cool and amazing things..visions..dreams..words and I need to share them! They are bigger than me. PaPa God has ministered prophetically to me for years and years. He does that through his word, prayer and other people. If you read your bible and pray He does the same for you. 🙂

The Lord has taken me on quite a journey the past several years. I’ve ministered prophetically to individuals for many years and I love it! When I give people a word from the Lord their faces light up..they get animated.. sometimes they looked stunned. I get to share with them that the Lord has put me in that time and place to talk to them. I get to share how much The Lord loves them… Mostly it is well received… sometimes it is not and that’s ok. My responsibility is to tell them and let Holy Spirit do his job.

The past several years the Lord has taken me to a deeper level of words.. past two years has been for the local church.. Man that’s quite a task! I often find myself wondering.. Did I hear the word correctly… How will this be received… What will they think…(I had to get over fear of man). So many doubts start to creep in. That’s when I definitely need to be grounded in The Word of God..Bible… lots of reading and prayer time.. Most of the time it’s the devil trying to get me to doubt my gifting. Sometimes I just need to wait to deliver it. I do not take this lightly when I give a word to an individual or to my pastor or when the Lord has me up front sharing with the congregation. This is very serious…when I give the word I am responsible for it..that’s why it is imperative to be fully grounded in The Truth..The Word of God! My relationship with God has to be priority my life.

So, in saying all of this I now believe the visions, dreams, and words I receive are for the church..not just my local church. So in this new season I will be sharing with you all what the Lord directs me to share. I will be playing catch up for awhile. I’m sure most of you will have heard the words I will putting out there from prophets or prophetically gifted people. I do not consider myself a prophet..that’s not for me to say…even tho many others have called me that… I need you to know that every word, vision, dream I share will be filtered through other gifted people..they will be judged. So, if I’m sharing it with you then it has filtered, judged, research and prayed over!!

I hope you all will follow along. Mostly I hope every word will equip, encourage and bless you in some personal way.. My prayer is it will get you in the word of God and deepen your relationship with the Great I Am!

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

NEW ERA ….. enjoy!

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  1. jimmy reed says:

    You ROCK!!! Awesome looking forward to more! Love You!!!!!! J


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