Glory Tears

The past several weeks during my QT and even just in my normal everyday life while doing absolutely nothing Spirit of God just shows up and fills the room..fills me and I literally have to stop and just be in that moment and be with him. It’s all I can do. I can’t, do nor do I want, to do anything else in that moment except to tell and gather others so they can experience him too. Not because I’m bragging but because I want EVERYONE else to experience his GLORIOUS presence. There is so much fullness in his presence. I have no words to describe what I am experiencing. All the religious words are too small of a fraction of who He is and what He is doing. AND I want MORE!! MORE MORE!!!

Oh, Glory to God, my spirit is so full with anticipation, excitement, celebration mixed in with some sorrow. I laugh while I’m crying and I cry when I’m laughing. Lord what are you doing that my spirit is so full? A sense of movement in the spirit realm. The Lord hasn’t put a name on it for me other than A Move Of The Spirit…indescribable…more than a revival..a resuscitation.. awakening.. it’s A MOVE OF THE SPIRIT OF GOD.. unlike we’ve ever seen. GLORY, GLORY we all say GLORY to God! Things are happening. Some will stand, others will fall.. A move of the Spirit… Be strong in The Lord and in his might.

I thought of making a video to tell you but I would be a blubbering idiot, and I am an ugly cryer LOL.. Sometimes I just need to write. More happens when I write. More is said. I’m really only writing this for myself.. to document..when things seem…slow.. to remind myself of His goodness and His attention to me..that He is still here even when I’m not having these experiences. We can’t always live on the mountain top. The air is much clearer up here. Pure. But we must learn to keep breathing during valley times too.

My prayer is that you experience The presence of God.. At all cost go somewhere alone and seek him, worship him, ask Him to come visit you, spend time with..I promise you it will worth it!

Even now as I write.. He’s here with me, my spirit is once again filled to overflowing and all I can do is sit and let this overflow of glory spill from my eyes and worship, praise and declare GLORY!!! My tears are an expression of Who He is and what He is doing. Just being in his presence demands a response from me… It has nothing to do with me except I’ve opened myself to receive all He has for me. It’s all I can do.. sit..and let the glory tears run down my cheeks as a thank you God for visiting me and filling my atmosphere with your glory! MORE Lord MORE please Mighty God.

I will never have enough of you.

I see him running for you…be prepared.. sit.. be.. and let your glory tears fall as they may!

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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