Dream of Contrast

2 Timothy 2:21 con·trast the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association. Released on YouTube 9-8-21 The Lord gave me a waking dream on 9-6-21. When I became fully awake I realized how exciting it really was. The contrast at work is astounding. If anyone has eyes to see…

To Be Free

A page in my personal journal… I share because we are all on our walk with God. I want others to know they are never alone 🙂 Our freedom comes from one place and that is in our relationship with PaPa God. These are just my thoughts during my QT.(quiet time) Tuesday, June 20, 2017…

How to Fight your Battle

I posted this on my public fb page yesterday.. The Lord told me to post it here too also. So He’s serious about Someone and Someones seeing this! PTL https://www.facebook.com/RachellReed The heart of God..The Word of The Lord for someone….lots of someones 8-4-21 PaPa God woke me up at 6:30 am with this song..”this is…

Glory Tears

Oh, Glory to God, my spirit is so full with anticipation, excitement, celebration mixed in with some sorrow. I laugh while I’m crying and I cry when I’m laughing. Lord what are you doing that my spirit is so full? A sense of movement in the spirit realm. The Lord hasn’t put a name on it for me other than A Move Of The Spirit…indescribable…

Resurrection Sunday

The day Jesus gave it all…. Living My Beautifully Messy Life…. Because of Jesus


The sound of silent weeping of hoplessness…. Living My Beautifully Messy Life… knowing there is another day to come:) Rachell Reed


The day Jesus took it all…. Living My Beautifully Messy Life…Because of Jesus Rachell Reed