America Hits Rock Bottom

5-5-21 The Word of The Lord… I heard “Rock Bottom”

I was having my QT… praying, listening, reading the bible, Ya know, all the things I normally do during my QT and I heard “Rock Bottom”.. I believe The Lord is saying America has to hit Rock Bottom before her eyes are truly open. He likened it to a person who is so severely addicted to something that they let their addiction control them to the point of no return…Hence Rock Bottom …there is Nowhere that person can go..can’t go back..can’t move forward because they are so paralyzed in the addiction….let’s call it what it is…it’s EVIL. America has gone rogue.

The Lord told/showed me a couple of months ago..when America was formed and papers (constitution) was signed another ‘government’ was set up to run parallel along side the government we have. Some call it deep state, bloodlines, luciferian organization whatever name one puts on it..The Lord is will fall!! America needs to hit Rock Bottom so all will be revealed on every level….every level..including and especially The Church. Our eyes will be opened to truly see what we have become.

He then reminded me of a word He gave me on 1-15-21…”Awaken and Shaken. The sleeping Giants and the Lions must awake!! Be alert..Watch see a movement is coming a cloud is rising. The combat forces are on the ground” ….

People, The Lord is coming to awaken and shaken us. We need to be ready and alert. we will hear and see things that will shake us. Our eyes will be open and we will be shocked.

The Lord keeps saying to me “Wolf in Sheeps clothing”..WOW. Church better wake up. My deepest prayer now is Lord give me more discernment. There will so much information coming out..some truth ..some misinformation. The devil is not gonna give up, he will fight and fight with everything he has. Put on your whole amour of God people. Get ready to fight..know the Word.

The Lord is also saying the natural and supernatural goes hand in hand..what we see in the natural could represent the supernatural. What we hear in the supernatural could represent the natural.

I hear heavy machine being moved around..I see in my great state of Texas lots of military planes, helicopters almost on a daily basis…way more than usual for the past couple of months. Hmmmmm..interesting huh?

I hear a lot of sounds from heaven right now and have been since the election and the intruder took office. Oh yeah things have been moving… Praise God He hears our prayers.. He’s working on our behalf. We all have a strategy… ask God yours!! He needs you!

Thus says The Lord ..”I need my Bride(the Giants and the Lions) to be ready and prepared for I am coming watch and see”

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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