Donald Trump Will Be A Sign to The Nations…

Video released March 4th 2022 on YT first

The Lord gave me this word Jan 13th 2021

I referenced My Dec 2020 dream about praying with President Trump

Jan 8th 2021 “STAND” – The Lord

Jan 10th 2021 Donald Trump will be a sign….

Jan 12th 2021 “STAND FIRM” – The Lord

Jan 13th 2021 Word…. A fresh Rauch is coming….calling My Bride man will save you

Referenced video – A New Sound can watch here:

Referenced video Rock Bottom Jan 15th 2021 Rock Bottom you can watch video here:

Jan 20th 2021 The Lord sings over me “Stand By Me” So precious to me.

The Lord is a creative God and He reminded me of another “Word” but it was a sound… Jan 13th 2021 A pounding in my LEFT ear…LOL seriously ya’ll I can’t make this stuff up!

Oh Lord prepare us, expand our vision, give us eyes to see, deepen our hearing , give us ears to hear your faintest whisper.

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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