Intruders in the White House

My prophetic journey continues regarding President Trump

Please remember I’m sharing because I’ve learned so much during this time. And I want you to understand not to discount matter how big, small, makes sense, crazy etc.. it is…….. Write it down!!! The Lord is speaking.

Lord gave me a dream April 7, 2020

Released Dec 8-2021(video) Had issues trying to upload..nothing new there..been that way since I’ve been releasing them…huuummm… even had videos completely disappear off media.

UPDATE : the devil is acting up again. The video didn’t upload on the 8th. I uploaded 1-6-22 !! This is insane yall!!

UPDATE…. still having technicaL difficulties… released on blog 1-14-22

Dream… I woke up in middle of night and was walking down our front hallway and I heard a noise. I looked outside and noticed two, what I thought was deer, clawing at our front door trying to get in. I thought aww how cute until I looked closer and realized they weren’t deer but mostly looked like hyenas. They had gray and black spots on them They were really clawing to get in which startled me and I woke up. I woke up feeling anxious.

The dream stuck with I researched what hyenas and some of the details could represent..

What I’m sharing are the words that gave me a spirit jolt..they could represent more.

Hyneas – Trying to gain advantage w/out deserving it, laughs at others, distortion… OMG…who does that sound like yall? Unbelievable!!! Nov 3rd 2020yall!!! Not to even mention K. Harris has this weird cackle laugh when sheems nervous about something.

Two – Seperation, division, contrast, split, war… We can all see what has happened since Nov 2020 right?? Please tell me you can see.

Black – Sin, grief, death, physical afflication, enemy, famine, lack, wickedness, evil, demonic… who does this sound like?? We ll know and can see with our very own eyes that J. Biden is not well.( I had a dream about that)… you can watch Dream Re Joe Biden.

Gray – weakness, not defined, hazy,deceived, hidden, compromise, vague, deception, crafty, false doctrine…. hello , can we say the word “agenda” here?…WOW!!

Months, months and months later I begin hearing prophets use the phrase ” jackle in the White House” when referring to Joe Biden. So I decided to google jackle to see what they look like…it’s not what I saw at the front door. Now, the amazing this is when I was researching jackles an entirely different screen just popped up on my phone screen…demon jackle… so that obviously got my attention..I’ve never had this happen before so I clicked on this screen…. (I would never do that unless I felt The Lord compeling me to) It was exactly what I saw at my front door… but it was big, very masculine, muscular looking. The ones at my door were not..they looked sickley.

I tried to search for this imagine to better describe to you but low and behold I can’t find it anywhere I searched for it and the ones that come up are not what I saw the first time around. Crazy huh?

I can honestly say I did not figure all this out The Lord in his graciousness finally just simply asked me questions to help me out…LOL like I said He has taken me on quite the jouney these past couple of years in the prophetic and I am still learning at this level so bear with me please.

Anyway, watch the video if you like and let me know if you have any revelations in regards to the dream. Thanks for reading, watching and most importantly listening to The Lord in what He has to say to You!!! May God bless you.

Lord give us ears to hear you above all others and eyes to see you at Kingdom work.

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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