The Pawns are Being Sacrificed

Word of The Lord

Given March 17th 2022 Released April 6th 2022

March 17th   Matthew 23:27

BLOGGED May 6TH 2022

The Pawns are Being Sacrificed

For the spirit of the living God says. “Stop! But I am speaking now and again. I see you, you evildoers. You still think I don’t see you. Oh I see everything. I see you, those who think you’re mighty. Oh how the mighty will fall. Oh I see, I see, I see I see watch you’ve shown the devil and now others are about to see too. You think you are so cunning. But you are a pawn in a game of chess.  You know who you are. You will hear these words I speak to you with your whitewashed tombs.( Matthew 23:27)

“Run! Run? You say”? This is nowhere to run there is no place you can hide I’m everywhere. Yeah the one who is saying “He’s not talking about me.”  Oh yeah yes you are the one I am talking about. The suits, the suits the suits yeah you wearing this suits, you corrupt politicians, your time is up.  It’s now or never. 

Whom do you serve?  Choose this day whom you serve. Choose wisely, lest the son becomes angry.

The time is now. Repent, repent, repent for I am all seeing, all knowing.

Choose whom you serve.” Says the Lord of host.

The Lord in his graciousness is giving yet another chance to repent for the evil doers.. “You are nothig but a pawn in a game of chess…..”

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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