Rebuking the Storm

True Story: 3 members of my family finished up a work out at the dojo, tornado sirens went off so I go outside and see swirling clouds-the beginning of a tornado- so my first instinct is to rebuke the storm and start praying against it! My 11yr old son runs out there to me and tells me “mom we have to pray against it” so we do, together! He goes back inside and notices a young teenage girl also praying against the storm!! The storm passed without incident!! Does God answer prayer? Absolutely! Did He divert the tornado and the storm-quite possible! Would He do that just for us–Yes! Did He? His word says to have the faith of a child–CHILDREN WERE PRAYING !!! What stronger faith is there than that of a child?? God is good and faithful. He hears our prayers and He answers !! Thank you Lord!!  
This is a true story that happened to us. I encourage you to pray with a childlike faith and see what happens!
Because of Jesus

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