To Be Free

A page in my personal journal… I share because we are all on our walk with God. I want others to know they are never alone 🙂 Our freedom comes from one place and that is in our relationship with PaPa God. These are just my thoughts during my QT.(quiet time)

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

To Be Free..     
My Q.Time
with God…. June 20th 2017                                                                                    

Papa God I come to seek first..  To listen.. Not to ask anything but just to be with you.
As I sat and listen, which is really hard to do by the way, I looked around our beautiful backyard, it’s not yet how I want it to look but it sure has come so far from where it started.  So much time and energy and money has gone into it.  Still so much more that needs to be done. I get distracted  planning my next project…hmm.. maybe outside is not a good place to have my Q time…no..inside is just as bad..we bought a fixer upper..not from Chip & Joanne..long before them…:)….I would get just as distracted inside. So I might as well stay outside as long as I can and enjoy my beautiful backyard fixer upper!  
I think..hmmm…  maybe there’s something to that…alot of time and energy has been poured into me and I’m not quiet where I want to be..but I sure am a lot further along from where I used to be…thank God for that!…Whew.. I was a tough one for sure..
I hear God ask me..” What do you really want”..yes emphasis on really…,Isn’t it interesting that He asked me what I wanted after I told Him I come to seek and not ask??…I think that’s pretty awesome of Him…
So I list off some things..Peace(who doesn’t want that one) be debt free..(again).. time for my creative work, as in a real design business,… time to work, serve in Women’s ministry, which I am the Women’s director at church..imagine that
I open up and tell God I feel like I’m under someones thumb again…bondage…..we have a lot of debt..and I HATE it!!!.. 
I know where all of this coming from all stems from my past(we all have)…ya see, things happened to me as a child and a teenager. I felt powerless all of my life because of it.. and I feel powerless again because I feel like my time and energy is held hostage with all my other responsibilities, and I’m not complaining,..but I feel like I’m not living MY life..not being and doing what He created me to do…makes sense?…and I can’t seem to do what I really desire to do…which my Q time was Psalm 20 this morning… I changed it all to me, mine, my…I personalized it..which it is!….  Read it if you get a chance..
After talking with Him..I felt better..of course… 
In closing… what I really want is to be free…He said..”FREEDOM”
And as christian for sometimes now..he gave me the truth….2nd Corn 3:17…Now the Lord is Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is , there is freedom.  So now I live this day knowing He heard me and He’s working everything out for me.
I need Him..I need Him everyday in every every way..I need Him.. 

Do you need Him too?

Thanks for reading today. I hope you will be blessed, have a laugh or even a good cry. Either way its all good. Much love to ya! 

A lot has changed since then but one thing … I no long am the women’s director. the Lord moved me on. I have a You Tube(Rachell Reed) and I have a public Fb page (Rachell Reed) where The Lord has told me to share my messy life.. Revelations. Prophetic words and videos.. my quiet times etc… and of course I still need and desire to be with PaPa God and if I’m not connected to Him, I lose my peace and my freedom from this crazy world we live in especially now. There is always need for me to change God doesn’t need to He’s perfect!! Thank You PaPa that you are the same yesterday today and forever:)

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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