Dream of Contrast

2 Timothy 2:21


  1. the state of being strikingly different from something else in juxtaposition or close association.

Released on YouTube 9-8-21

The Lord gave me a waking dream on 9-6-21. When I became fully awake I realized how exciting it really was. The contrast at work is astounding. If anyone has eyes to see it is quite clear that divison is in play. The Lord God is making it so clear that even the ones who don’t want to see can’t help but see! Oh Lord I pray that we are truly awakening to see what you are making very clear of who’s who and what’s what!!!!

I know The Lord is at work, on his throne and fully engaged. I for one want to be a vessel approved for noble use.

I believe this dream is multi leveled. This video is at its most basic simplest form of interpretation. I see it as an invitation from The Lord to you. Will you accept?

It’s possible that I will make another video to discuss more indept of another level.. The clean slate is very interesting!!

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

I would like to invite you to my social media. PaPa God asked me to share my life. Be open with the struggles..etc.. Too many people putting on the fake…thinking they need to look like someone else..Spoiler alert…WE DON’T!!!!

I will be sharing bible studies, revelations in my quiet times, pages from my jounals etc….

Feel free to invite anyone you think will be blessed from this “ministry”

My Social Media…. not all media has same content even tho there may be some cross over.

Blessings to ya 🙂

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