My Prophetic Journey Re President Trump

This is an invitation to follow along my prophetic journey re President Trump over the past few years. I believe The Lord is wanting me to share this part of my life with you all. For whatever the reason now is the time.

The Lord has always told me who would win the presidential elections and mid term into their term He would tell me if they would be re elected for a second…He has always been correct..of course! LOL!! I have no idea why The Lord does this with me but He’s the boss..I am his daughter, a willing vessel, obedient servant willing to obey regardless if it sounds, looks or is just plain ol’ weird…:)

This is just my journey re President Trump… I learned a lot as I’m sure so many of you have.. God’s timing has never been man’s timing and that has never been more clear than right now regarding this election.

My norm is I don’t follow politics … I vote biblically!! I also don’t watch news on a daily basis. I know enough in conversation with my husband or what my friends or family may send to me. I try to keep close to God and keep my ears and eyes open to Him.. I get my info from Him!!!

So in all that..give the video a watch…subscribe to my youtube channel…that is where I first release the videos.

May God give you hears to hear and eyes to see what He is’s an invitation to participate with Him:)

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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