The Elephant Returns to Presidency

My journey continues of prophetic insight, words etc regarding Presudent Trump..Remember this My journey The Lord wants me to share..

I date say… It’s not open to debate I will not fight anyone on this..LOL!!…Take everything to The Lord… I’m only sharing because I believe He wants me to…You can disagree or agree it makes no difference… Again I’m just sharing with you what The Lord gave to me..I find all of this so exciting but sometimes aggravating… what an incredible time we live in right now!

Ok, so…I’m not quiet sure what to call this so I am calling it a vision…

During this time I was sensing disturbance in my spirit… I wasn’t at rest..knew something was in play spiritually.

Received – Oct.19/20(?) 2019..

Released on You Tube – 9-21-21

This occured during a heavy storm driving home…. it was in the clouds..I saw a baby, a snake and a black panther, then there was as sudden break in the storm ..a clearing out..on the other side of the road was clear and The Lord showed me an elephant with a very very long trunk…and that’s it… but that’s enough!

(No it wasn’t cloud morphing) 🙂

As I do when I receive from The Lord… I prayed, studied and researched. Especially what this imagery represents…

Baby… new things, needing attention, dependant, beginning stages, innocent, new move of God….etc. Praise God for new beginning and another chance.

Snake… curse, deception, danger, witchcraft, lies being told, accusations, causing extreme suffering… we saw this at play the ENTIRE time Trump was in office.

Panther… high level witchcraft, powerful adverse influence or force trying to bring dishonor, to discredit reputation… Again… we saw this happening in regards to Presidnet Trump.

Elephant… invincible, thick skinned, not easly offended, big issue,poweful potential in life….ummm who does that sound like in the natural?

Surely anyone can see how this played out during President Trump’s term and the election and continues to do so…

Lord God, give us all eyes to see, ears to hear YOU!!! Give us a deeper understanding, wisdom and discernmet of the times and seasons we are in. In jesus all powerful name Amem!! All glory and honor to Almighty God.

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

P.S…. this all hinges on the babies… Lord help us to speak up about saving the babies…show us our part..

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