My Presidential Dessert.. I Smell Brownies

My journey continues…

March 23, 2020 while drifting off to sleep I smelled an aroma of chocolate…like brownies definitely got my attention even I was half asleep. I thought to myself… oh Jimmy whom I call Big Daddy Reed must be making brownies! I went to sleep with a smile on my face 🙂 Imagine my surprise when I wake up the following morning and there were NO brownies, dessert or any chocolate anywhere in sight… So I think to myself…he’s playing a trick on me and hiding the brownies. I look everywhere and can’t find them… So I ask him when he gets out of bed awhile later. “Where are the brownies, I know you are hiding them from me?” he looks at me like I’m crazy ’cause he didnt make brownies or any other kind of dessert…

Now I’m really confused becasue I know that I know I smelled brownies baking the night

I had to ask the Lord about this and I think I just heard a bit of a giggle 🙂 He didn’t say anything about it. I eventually looked up what brownies or dessert could mean…

Dessert – pleasure in moderation, celebration, repayment, justice, etc… what hit my spirit was celebration and justice. Those two words lept up for me. I circled them and went about my day.

It wasn’t until months, months and months later that someone sent to me or I stumbled on to it.. A beautiful pink hair woman on you tube..Katt Kerr and she was talking about celebration and eating cake.. She was speaking about President Trump’s return….. WOW!! I think to myself “So that’s what that means”… Lord confirmed it through another prophet. All I could do was laugh!!

I’ve never heard of of her, watched or listened to her at all… ever!! And I can honestly say I’ve maybe watched her maybe even less than a handful of times since then. Like I’ve said many many times..I don’t know why God speaks to me the way He does. I’m just grateful He does speak to me!!!

This was one of the first aromas I’ve experienced. I’ve had a few over the years. They are interesting to say the least.

It was also a confirmation of the “Justice is about to be unloaded” word I released… you can read here….

Now I can’t say this is a powerful word but it does show God’s sense of humor I think. Remember prophets see further out than most. We see things in the furture. We can see the end of a thing before the thing even begins.. but NONE of us have the whole picture. We all have a part of a very large puzzle if you will… It’s all very interesting how God manages all this. Only God!!!

Enjoy the short video…

Speak Lord your servants are listening…

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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