Imminent Turning Point, Are Your Credentials in Order?

Today is Dec 1st 2021

I hope everyone has recovered from Thanksgiving but more importantly I hope your plates were filled to overflowing with not only food but of blessings of thankkfulness. As for me, I had a house full and still munchin on leftovers…its definitely time to move on…LOL

I wanted to share a dream with you the Lord gave. I’m sensing it’s imminent..kinda unlike any I’ve had before.

Dream took place on Nov 9th 2021. I released it on You Tube Nov 29th 2021.

I dreamed I was with a group of people. Group consisted of family, friends and others.. I almost feel like we were at our house. Someone in the group said let’s go get a drink. Everone was on board with that so we left.

Dream next showed we were at a ‘Bar’ but was more like a house/building. It was a whiteish color and made with very large pieces of timber. It was actually my style of design…hmmmm… interesting. I’ve noticed I receive a deeper revelation and notice details in more detail when I actually sit down and write it out..anyways back to the dream…. We are now at the ‘bar’ and I am out of my body and am noticing that we are all in line to get in. There is a, whom I call, The Bouncer sitting down checking CREDENTIALS , Not ID’s but CREDENTIALS, to be able to get in. This guy was MASSIVE..he was a very very large man. No one was getting through him to get in without the proper credentials…there was just no way considering his size!! He was very serious..He took his job seriously. He was dressed in all black, chubby cheeks, black hair, small short beard.

I am then back in my body and I realize I have an unopened drink with me, a pink Truly can-I think its a hard seltzer type of drink. We all know that we can not take anything inside with us…nothing at all… I begin to get nervous because I’m next and I have this drink, so I decide to make a joke and just tell The Bouncer that I brought it for him, it’s a gift!

He begins laughing…like belly laughing.. His cheeks are red. His eyes…oh man..his eyes…they were sparkling..sparkling… He was so happy. I think to myself…it really wasn’t that funny. My sense was that he’s always serious and no one takes the time with him… like they are scared of him..He doesn’t seem approachable and He truly enjoyed the interaction we had. Anyways, we toss the can away and go in…

The inside had even more massive timber..everywhere… There were people milling around..some in groups..some were walking around visiting with each other.. no one was ‘drinking’. I notice there were different nationalities..different races…different colors of people and mixed races. Some people were dressed in their nations attire…all different ..all beautiful! There was a sense of excitment in the air, A sense of expectancy. If I can put in wordly words….everyone was dressed like they were sterotyped… so weirdly awesome!!

I immediatly go stand in line..thinking it’s the restroom….in the dream I’m very excited to be next..I hear people talking in this room I’m about to go into…doesn’t sound like the… and I didn’t really need to go to the restroom…lol…oh well whatever room it was..I was immensley excited because I was next…in the dream I was excited and in my spirit, in the natural I was excited.. I new I was dreaming and I knew I had to pay attention.

I look around while I was waiting and I notice a teenageish girl holding a baby..(I know some of you are quoting Reese Witherspoon in the movie Sweet Home Alabama right now LOL). The girl was wearing a tank top and short shorts..she was basically dressed… some would say..”inappropriate”. The baby was maybe toddlerish age..dressed in a t shirt and diaper. Sanding next to her was a much older woman… maybe grand/greatgrandmotherish age..dressed in a faded white cotton night they wore back in the day…. long gray hair. Standing close to them was a small boy maybe 4..5..6ish years old. He was dressed in all black. Black long sleeve shirt with silver embroidery on country western shirt.. bottoms were jeans/ ..His vibe was also an India type of vibe with his clothing He had short wavy black hair..olive skin..dark eyes.

I turn forward again in excitment..waiting for my turn… I hear… ” Things are about to change…There is a turning point.. There is a shifting/sifting taking place..” I heard this repeated several times. When I hear “shifting” I also hear “sifting” at the same time..not a seperate word but two different words at the same time….weird huh? I then hear the teenage girl say “yes, we know that, that’s why we are all here.”

I turn forward again in excitment..waiting for my turn… And I hear… ” Things are about to change…There is a turning point.. There is a shifting/sifting taking place..” ” Things are about to change…There is a turning point.. There is a shifting/sifting taking place..” over and over again..I turn back around and the little boy is staring at me eyeball to eyeball..very serious repeating this…It was not a little boy’s voice..It was held power and authority!…. He wanted me to know what was being said.

Then the dream faded all black..while I was still hearing this..and I kept hearing it until I woke up!!!!!! I woke up feeling excited and fully expecting something big is about to happen that will affect the entire world Glory to God!

All honor, all glory to Almighty God…

Please feel free to leave a comment or insight in the comments on YT share and give it like if it encouraged you. Bless you all!!

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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  1. Pam Terrell says:

    Shifting…. Sifting….. powerful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes mam’!! Something big is on the horizon!!


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