Prepare To Meet Your Father of Lies

This word was given to me March 7th 2022

Lord told me to hold it until March 10th 2022. It was uploaded to YT first…once I get my techy stuff delt with I’m hoping to blog first….we’ll see.

March 7th 2022…..During my praying in the spirit time The Lord spoke these words to me(video) … difficult to hear…difficult to release…

March 11th 2022….As I was siting in my qt this morning and reading The Word.. I was reading Numbers 24…when Balaam said…”I must say whatever The LORD says”… and it ministered to my spirit because of this word.

Prophetic words, dreams and visions aren’t alwasy uplifting, encouraging and full of all things pretty and easy…regardless of what the church teaches and allows…But that is another day…

Sometimes prophecy is difficult..ugly and harsh. It is God’s great mercy that He says things like He does. He wants peoples attention..He’s trying to get them to HEAR him! Therefore, words, dreams and visions aren’t always filled with rainbows, sunshine and flowers. THEY ARE FILLED WITH GOD’S TRUTH, however painful and difficult to hear or speak. God’s will is That no one will perish but all will have everlasting life through his son Jesus. He chooses to speak how He chooses to speak to reach the ones that need to hear how it is spoken. Make sense?

My prophetic sense.. God is DONE playin(my words)..He has given opportunities, opportunities and yet more opportunities for these ones to repent, turn to him but they have choosen another side.. they had every opportunity to be created in the image of God but have chosen to partner with the evil one… time is up! God is speaking…again… You are about to meet your father of lies… you thought you have been the predator and you have been but now you have become the prey.

Justic is just says The LORD.

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

Oh Heavenly Father help us hear even the difficult words..I know they are all given for repentance. May we have ears to hear and eyes to see and Holy Spirit to discern.

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  1. Pam Terrell says:

    Good word, Sister! I have been declaring during this battle to adversary, “You may bruise my heel, but I will crush your head!” Oh & I proclaim it with great satisfaction & gratitude to Jesus!

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    1. Yes!!!!! Amen. 🙌🏻


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