America is Dead…

April 17th2022 Resurrection Day… Words of The Lord

Released May 25th 2022


While at church… I was praying for me, family, church – revival.

The Lord said, “Revival is not something you go to. Revival is what you carry.” “America needs to be revived. The body of Christ needs to be revived”.  AMEN!!!

April 18th  While praying for the word from the 17th. America is Dead…

 I heard “America is dead long live America the beautiful!  The old has passed. The new has come.  Rise oh America the beautiful! Stand up and take your place.

You’ve been knocked down but you have not stayed down. This is why I have chosen you, to go out, go forth and do as I have called you. For you are one nation under God. And I have heard your cries and I have come to save you.

Lots of activity has occurred. Some you have seen and most you have not. In time things will be revealed.

 I am the Lord God and I have acted on your behalf. Not because of your faithfulness but because of mine. I am the Lord Thy God.

Be prepared for a mighty visitation of my spirit says The Lord. All will see my glory.

Will you answer my car? I call the revived ones. The ones who have cried out for justice.

 I’m coming with revival. I told you revival is not something to go to or visit. Revival is what you carry. Revival for the dead. Those who are spiritually dead, dry bones awaken I say! There is much work to do.

You cannot live on spiritual encounters but on my Word. There is life and life abundantly! There is living water in me come and drink, be revived again and live! Says the Lord God Almighty.

True life only comes through me because I am the way the truth and the life!”

Living My Beautiful Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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