“Belgium” Monkey Pox, & LGBTQ

Word of The Lord

Word given Sept 10, 2021

Word released June 2, 2022

A waking word ..The Lord gave me this word..I heard loud and clear the word “Belgium” and that’s it! LOL. I’ve been sitting with this one word since then. I researched Belgium but The Lord never gave me anything else so I never released it. I’m only sharing now as a teachable moment.

The Lord can speak to anyone however he chooses. Even if it’s a single word. It’s given to us for a reason. To nurture. To declare. Pray against. Pray into. To teach..

For me this is what The Lord has been doing the past few years.. He wants me to know That I hear him correctly…even when it seems crazy… He’s told me some crazy prophecies that I never shared because He was teaching me something new. He is so good! His words are usually so multi leveled that it takes time. I like to keep things simple so I dont’ usually share everything I learn when researching . This one word I believe is multi leveld. I believe God is not done with Beligum. Keep eyes out for more. I would love to hear what The Lord is sharing with you if you able to share.

Research and read about Belgium..interesting stuff… What is your prophetic take on it?

This video I believe ties into to The word I will release in a few days regarding the LGBTQ Movement. The fact that a couple of cases of monkey pox was reported after one of the parades and raves goin on there for gay men etc.. news saying it was spread by gay men…My thoughts were..Is that community being targeted?… I don’t put much thought in the news..I don’t even watch it. What I do know is The Lord’s heart is turned to that community..Praise God and Hallelujah!!

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

Thanks for watching and may Almighty God brings reveation words to you.

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Rachell Reed or My Beautifully Messy Life

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