I’m Revealing Myself as Messiah to The LGBTQ Movement”

Word of The Lord

Given May 19th 2022

Released June 6th 2022

During my Qt reading John 4 ..Jesus and the Samaritan woman. The Spirit of The Lord came upon me and Says this….

For the spirit of the living God says. “Yes! There is a time coming when worshipers will worship in spirit and truth. I’m looking for the chosen ones. The ones who I will reveal myself to. Like the Samaritan woman, a sinner, living in sin. I revealed myself as Messiah. I am looking for the ones the world discards and I will reveal myself to them, so you will know I am coming!

Look to the LGBTQ movement, because it will move backwards. It will lose ground because I am taking my children back. They are mine says the Lord of Host.

The Lord says.. “They will know I am the one speaking to them, they are the ones the buckled up, buttoned up and shut up within the walls. They will see! Listen to them proclaim my name in all the earth. I am reviving them even now”… says Almighty God.

When The Lord asked me to release this now I had no idea this is pride month for this precious community. I pray you all feel the love The Lord has for these precious ones. The ones He’s calling to himself..Please pray into this word and declare truth will be spoke and lives forever changed in the presence and glory of Jesus Christ.

Living My Beautifully Messy Life

Rachell Reed

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