The sound of silent weeping of hoplessness…. Living My Beautifully Messy Life… knowing there is another day to come:) Rachell Reed


The day Jesus took it all…. Living My Beautifully Messy Life…Because of Jesus Rachell Reed

Corona vs God

Late last year around September of 2019 I woke up hearing in my spirit “flu like…. world pandemic”… and then He showed me the entire world. It was a view point of like being in overview of the earth. Then He showed me his hands..absolutely beautiful, strong, capable hands. He began to move his hands over the earth.

New Direction for 2020

Hey y’all, yes it’s been awhile… a long while. But I am back! I’ve decided to take my blog in a different direction for now. I’m hoping you will stay and even invite others along. The Lord is really amped up and showing me so many awesome, cool and amazing things..visions..dreams..words and I need to…

Goodbye 2018

keep the good but take that stinky trash from 2018 to the curb!
Make room for the new

My Ongoing Love Affair..and Why My Husband Approves!

Well, did I get your attention?…Thought so. Am I having an affair? Yes…kinda… I am rediscovering who I am.  now, get your mind out of the gutter and follow along… I have been a daughter, sister, niece, step daughter, friendly to most and a true friend to few. I have been a wife for almost…

Cross Roads – Do I or Don’t I?

                                                                   Cross Roads My page in my daily journal.  – Tweeked for you   I’m sure I’m not the only one so I…